Sweet travel moments

It is my pleasure to share enthusiasm for travel and to commend to you Aureliana Paula and her travel company, parci parla, as you plan your next adventure. My acquaintance with Aureliana spans over ten years. It has been my privilege to have been a tourist with her in Canada, Brazil, USA, France and Spain. You will find her charming and enthusiastic with a keen mind, clear focus, flexibility, curiosity, honesty, all the while exhibiting attention to travel details. Oh, and did I mention that she speaks four languages? Imagine with me for a moment these settings: Coastal voyaging in a dugout canoe to gain access to the most scenic and remote beach on Isla Bella, Brazil. A walk of endless discovery in Central Park of New York City, with leaves turning golden. A daunting climb to the peak of Monte Urgull in Spain to gain the westward view of the vast ocean from an ancient fort.
You too can have poetic adventures. Mindful of the joy and challenges of travel, I give my endorsement to Aureliana Paula, to Parci Parla.

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